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Use a No-Code AI App-Builder to Build a Custom Expense Tracking App

Take Control of Expenses

Managing expenses is a critical but challenging process for finance teams. Traditional manual expense tracking is prone to errors, delays, and policy non-compliance. According to one source, common issues include human errors, expense frauds, approval delays, difficulty enforcing policies, and limited access. Automating the process can help address these challenges and streamline operations. Top concerns include complex approval processes, lack of spend visibility, complicated processes, and employees intentionally or unintentionally violating expense guidelines. Finance leaders need modern solutions to gain control, ensure compliance, improve transparency, and reduce costs. This is where a no-code AI app-builder for financial services can help you.

Benefits of Automating Expense Tracking

Automating expense management provides numerous benefits for organizations. It helps streamline the expense reporting process by eliminating manual data entry and paper receipts. This reduces errors and inefficiencies that often occur with manual expense tracking. Automation also provides real-time visibility into spending, making it easier to analyze expenses and detect potential fraud. Automating expense management can lead to cost savings of up to 25% for organizations. Other key benefits include improved compliance, scalability, and flexibility in managing expenses. Overall, automating expense tracking creates a more efficient system for both finance teams and employees.

Why No-Code AI Is the Solution

No-code AI app builders for financial services are the ideal solution for finance organizations looking to build custom apps to automate workflows and processes without the need for expensive and time-consuming custom development. Here’s why:

  • Empowers non-technical staff to build apps themselves: With intuitive no-code tools and an AI assistant to generate full apps from simple text prompts, finance staff without coding skills can create the exact apps they need. No developer required.

  • AI generates full apps from prompts: Simply describe what you want your app to do in plain English prompts. The AI will generate the full data model, workflows, UI, and more. Much faster than building from scratch.

  • Far faster and cheaper than custom development: No-code AI builders like Aire allow finance teams to bypass lengthy and costly custom app development. Apps can be built in hours/days rather than months.

Building the Expense Tracking App

When using a no-code ai app builder for financial services to build your expense tracking app, you will want to include several key features that streamline the expense management process:

Submit Expenses

Employees can easily submit expense reports within the app, detailing the amount, category, description, and other relevant details of each expense. The app provides an intuitive interface for entering all expense information and uploading receipts.

Upload Receipts

To back up expense claims, employees can upload images of receipts directly within each expense report. The app securely stores these receipts and associates them with the right reports for easy lookup later.

Approval Workflow

Once submitted, expense reports route through configurable approval workflows based on policy rules. Managers can review reports assigned to them and approve or ask for revisions. Automated notifications keep employees updated on status.

Reporting Dashboard

Finance teams get access to real-time reporting dashboards that summarize expense data across the organization in custom visualizations. This enables data-driven analysis of spending.

Benefits for Finance Teams

Automating expense tracking and reporting provides significant benefits for finance teams. According to a blog post by Equisys, automating the approval workflow for expenses allows finance teams to set rules, routing, and approvals to match organizational policies. This creates an audit trail for compliance.

Centralizing expenses into an automated system also provides real-time reporting and analytics. As explained in an article on Volopay, finance teams can easily generate reports to analyze spending patterns, budget vs actuals, and other metrics. Real-time visibility enables better forecasting, identifies problem areas, and supports data-driven decision making.

Overall, automating expense tracking can significantly improve efficiency for finance teams. Manual data entry is eliminated, approval workflows are systematized, and expenses are centralized for easy reporting and analysis. This allows finance staff to focus on high-value responsibilities rather than administrative tasks.

Benefits for Employees

Employees can benefit greatly from automating expense tracking and reimbursements. With an automated system like the one built in Aire, employees have an easy way to submit expenses that provides transparency into status and enables fast reimbursement.[1]

Employees simply snap a photo of the receipt, enter some basic info like amount and category, and submit the expense report right from their phone. The app allows employees to clearly see where each expense report is in the workflow – submitted, approved, processing, reimbursed. And by streamlining approvals and processing, reimbursements happen faster. Employees no longer have to chase down approvers, correct errors on reports, or wait weeks or months to be reimbursed.

Overall, an automated expense management system powered by Aire makes life easier for employees. They save time and hassle on expense reports and get reimbursed faster. The transparency provided by the app also reduces employee frustration.

Customizing and Expanding the App

Aire’s no-code tools allow finance teams to easily customize and expand the expense tracking app to meet their unique needs.

With Aire’s drag-and-drop interface, additional fields and sections can be added to capture more details about expenses. For example, the app could be customized to require approvers to enter a GL code for each expense or add a place to upload receipts.

Workflows can also be configured to match approval processes. Approval routings based on expense amount thresholds or expense types can be set up. Email notifications to prompt approvers to review expenses can also be added.

To streamline data entry, the app can be integrated with corporate credit card feeds. Expenses charged on company cards can automatically populate in the system.

Reporting dashboards can provide insights like expense trends, budget vs actuals, and more. Charts displaying expense data can be created and customized.

As needs evolve, Aire’s no-code platform makes it easy to expand the app’s capabilities. Additional workflows, custom fields, reports, and integrations can be added without coding.


By using a no-code ai app-builder for financial services, finance organizations can quickly and easily build custom expense tracking apps tailored to their specific needs and processes. The AI engine allows anyone to create full-featured web apps simply by describing what they want the app to do in plain English.

With an expense tracking app built on Aire, finance teams benefit from automated workflows for reviewing, approving, and processing expenses. Employees can easily submit expenses from anywhere via the web, keeping finance updated in real-time. And with Aire’s no-code customization tools, the app can be modified at any time as processes evolve.

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